About Us

Several of the world’s leading computer scientists and engineers recently collaborated on a white paper entitled “21st Century Computer Architecture”. The white paper sets forth several goals to be achieved by the end of this decade across the spectrum of computing scale, from tiny sensors to expansive data centers. The overarching goal being to improve the energy efficiency of computers by two-to-three orders of magnitude; and to obtain, by the end of this decade, an exa-op data center that consumes no more than 10 megawatts, a peta-op departmental server that consumes no more than 10 kilowatts, a tera-op portable device that consumes no more than 10 watts, and a giga-op sensor system that consumes no more than 10 milliwatts.

The Industry-Academia Partnership (IAP) fosters education, R&D and innovation to support the pursuit of these goals by bringing together industry and university partners addressing common themes in multicore processors, hyperscale servers, orchestration software, storage and networking. The IAP hosts workshops open to students on university campuses with presentations by experts from academia and industry. The IAP Board of Advisors includes Professor Krste Asanović of UC Berkeley, Professor David Brooks of Harvard University, Professor Christos Kozyrakis of Stanford University, Professor José Martínez of Cornell University, Professor Onur Mutlu of Carnegie Mellon University, and Professor Daniel Sanchez of MIT.