University of Texas Cloud Workshop

- 2019

The IAP University of Texas Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing Applications and Infrastructure will be conducted on Tuesday December 10, 2019 on the UT Austin campus in the Gates Dell Complex. This will be the second IAP Cloud Workshop at UT Austin.

What is an IAP “Cloud Workshop”? It’s a full day of talks by leading experts in academia and industry working in AI and machine learning, hardware acceleration, operating systems, networking, Big Data, security, storage and data management - all in the context of distributed systems – from mammoth data centers to tiny IoT devices on the edge of the cloud.  

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DNA-based Archival Storage
Professor Derek Chiou, UT ECE, and Microsoft Partner Architect, kicks off the day at the 2017 UT Austin Workshop with his presentation "Soft Logic in a Data Center".


Location: On the UT Austin campus in the Gates Dell Complex in GDC 6.302, 2317 Speedway, Austin TX, 78712.

Time: 8:00AM–5PM (Badge Pick-up at 8:00AM – Advance Registration is Required).


Parking:  There are two options near the Gates Dell Complex.

(1) The San Jacinto Garage (SJG) is closest to GDC: Address: 2401 San Jacinto Boulevard, between 24th and Dean Keeton (formerly 26th) Streets. 

(2) The Speedway Garage (SWG) is also nearby: Address: 105 27th Street, on the corner of 27th and Speedway. 


The speakers and presentation titles are listed below (alphabetical order). The agenda, abstracts, and bios are posted on the agenda page. Please check back later for additional speakers and updates to the schedule.

  • Prof. Vijay Chidambaram, UT, "Designing File Systems and Concurrent Data Structures for Persistent Memory"

  • Dr. Derek Chiou, UT and Microsoft, “Accelerating Microsoft's Cloud”

  • Dr. Niall Gaffney, Texas Advanced Computing Center, "Research using HPC for Big Data and AI"

  • Prof. Kristen Grauman, UT and Facebook AI Research, “Egocentric Visual Learning”

  • Dr. Vinod Kathail, Xilinx, “Vitis AI for Inference at the Edge and in the Data Center”

  • Dr. Hui Lei, Futurewei, “Towards the Industrialization of AI”

  • Grant Mackey, Western Digital, “Computational Storage: A Brief History and Where is it Going?”

  • Prof. Simon Peter, UT, “E3: Energy-Efficient Microservices on SmartNIC-Accelerated Servers”

  • Prof. Keshav Pingali, UT, “Single-Machine Analytics on Massive Graphs Using Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory”

  • Prof. Chris Rossbach, UT, “System Software in the Wake of Moore's Law”

  • Prof. Hovav Shacham, UT, “Data Dependent Instruction Timing Channels”

  • Larry Wikelius, Marvell, “New Applications and Accelerators for ARM-based Servers”

  • Prof. Emmett Witchel, UT, “Achieving System Security in the Era of Secure Enclaves”

Admission is Free for undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and professors to attend this Workshop on emerging Cloud and IoT Technologies.


2019 UT Cloud Workshop
The UT Austin graduate program in Computer Science is universally recognized as one of the top 10 programs in the world.

What to Expect at the 2019 UT Cloud Workshop
Students can expect (1) a rich technical program of speakers from academia and industry, including fellow students, (2) multiple opportunities to network with technical managers, scientists and engineers from companies that provide solutions for all aspects of the cloud and IoT, (3) the prospect to present your cloud related research project in a poster session and win Best Poster with $300 cash awards. For further glimpses of what you can expect, please see the summaries of recent Workshops at Berkeley, CMU, Cornell, MIT, Stanford-UCSCUT Austin, and UW.


Poster Session: The student poster session is for both undergraduate and graduate students to describe their cloud related research projects and findings. Students may submit an abstract and compete for the $300 cash awards for Best Undergraduate and Best Graduate Poster. Awards will be presented for Best Posters during the Reception in the late afternoon after the general sessions (see photos of the winners at the recent Workshops listed above).




Professor Ken Birman, the N. Rama Rao Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University, “I actually thought it was a fantastic workshop, an unquestionable success, starting from the dinner the night before, through the workshop itself, to the post-event reception for the student Best Poster Awards.”  


Professor David Patterson, the Pardee Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley, “I saw strong participation at the Cloud Workshop, with some high energy and enthusiasm; and I was delighted to see industry engineers bring and describe actual hardware, representing some of the newest innovations in the data center.”


Professor Christos Kozyrakis, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Stanford University, “As a starting point, I think of these IAP workshops as ‘Hot Chips meets ISCA’, i.e., an intersection of industry’s newest solutions in hardware (Hot Chips) with academic research in computer architecture (ISCA); but more so, these workshops additionally cover new subsystems and applications, and in a smaller venue where it is easy to discuss ideas and cross-cutting approaches with colleagues.”


Professor Hakim Weatherspoon, Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University, “I have participated in three IAP Workshops since the very first one at Cornell and it is great to see that the IAP premise was a success now as it was then, bringing together industry and academia in a focused workshop and an all-day exchange of ideas.  It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to the next IAP Workshop.”  


Dr. Carole-Jean Wu, Research Scientist, AI Infrastructure, Facebook Research, and Professor of CSE, Arizona State University, “The IAP Cloud Computing workshop provides a great channel for valuable interactions between faculty/students and the industry participants. I truly enjoyed the venue learning about research problems and solutions that are of great interest to Facebook, as well as the new enabling technologies from the industry representatives. The smaller venue and the poster session fostered an interactive environment for in-depth discussions on the proposed research and approaches and sparked new collaborative opportunities. Thank you for organizing this wonderful event! It was very well run.”


Nathan Pemberton, PhD student, UC Berkeley, "IAP workshops provide a valuable chance to explore emerging research topics with a focused group of participants, and without all the time/effort of a full-scale conference. Instead of rushing from talk to talk, you can slow down and dive deep into a few topics with experts in the field." 


Vishal Shrivastav, PhD Student, Cornell University, Best Poster Award Winner, “Attending the IAP workshop was a great experience and very rewarding. I really enjoyed the many amazing talks from both the industry and academia. My personal conversations with several industry leaders at the workshop will definitely guide some of my future research."


Ana Klimovic, Research Scientist at Google Brain, “I have attended three IAP workshops and I am consistently impressed by the quality of the talks and the breadth of the topics covered. These workshops bring top-tier industry and academia together to discuss cutting-edge research challenges. It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and get inspiration for new research opportunities."

Dr. Pankaj Mehra, VP of Product Planning, Samsung, "Terrific job organizing the Workshop that gave all parties -- students, faculty, industry -- something worthwhile to take back."


Shay Gal-On, Principal Engineer, Marvell, “The IAP workshop was well worth the time spent, with high quality topics explored at a good depth, as well as an excellent candidate pool for internships. I will definitely come again.” 


Dr. Richard New, VP Research, Western Digital, “IAP workshops provide a great opportunity to meet with professors and students working at the cutting edge of their fields.  It was a pleasure to attend the event – lots of very interesting presentations and posters.”

UT 2019 Workshop Organizers include Professor Chris Rossbach and the IAP.